18 Apr 2011


SEO Competition Analysis Parameters

  • 18 Apr 2011
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  • Parameter Analysis of Competition SEO - Search engine optimization (SEO), according to wikipedia is a process to improve the visibility of a website or web page on search sites in ways that "natural" or non-payment ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results .Organic sense here is a list of search results on search engines based on keywords that are in search. So for Internet marketers looking at SEO is one of the main points to win the competition with other marketers in cyberspace. SEO techniques are a lot done by the internet marketer to make its websites or web pages indexed by search engines and sit at # 1 on the first page in search engine results. But not infrequently than they use black hat SEO techniques to win the competition on the Internet, and many of them also failed to use black hat seo techniques because they do not know the competition is actually happening on the Internet and regulations applied by the search sites in this case google .
    For the beginner internet marketer should know the map of competition among the internet so that you can apply a variety of SEO techniques appropriately and correctly. The following parameters competitive analysiswhich should be considered to optimize the SEO on your website, such as Sun Tzu's maxim "Know your opponent, Know your area, and Know Yourself":  

    1. The quantity of incoming links
    The number of incoming links is one of the parameters that must be considered to see the strength of your opponent, if your opponent has a lot of incoming links on the website should you need to maximize the incoming link to your website.
    Tool that can be used: SeoQuake Firefox addon | Chrome | Safari

    2. The quality of incoming links

    Apart from quantity to note do not forget the quality of incoming links on your website is also important, and should come from sites, blogs, or websites that quality as well as the setema with your website. And make sure bloggers also see incoming links as well your opponent's website.
    Tool that can be used: Open Site Explorer

    3. Number of pages indexed
    Number of pages indexed by search engines can also as a parameter to measure the strength of your opponent. Is the number of pages that lookups wabsite your opponent by more search engines than your website? We recommend that you have to consider again to maximize the number of web pages bloggers.
    Tool that can be used: SeoQuake Firefox addon | Chrome | Safari

    4. Anchor Text
    Anchor text or keyword suppression by inserting the desired link should have to have a SEO friendly format, for example: Name of blog-BLOG Hiervie better than you used the word click here or clik here . Note the format of your opponent's anchor text, and analysis of each anchor text.
    Tool that can be used: Open Site Explorer

    5. Website design structure

    If the structure of your website design is not valid, regular search engine spiders have trouble reading the existing content on your website. Your website should be eligible for the W3C can read them properly or tercrawler by search engine spiders. Use this tool to see how the spiders see / read the contents of your website content.
    Tools that can be used: SEO Browser

    6. Optimization of the 3rd party

    If the competition is getting heavier, my suggestion you should use a third-party services to help your SEO efforts to maximize your website position on search engines, because with the help of a third party will lighten your load in the competition in internet marketing.
    The third most common in use is IBusiness promoter that will help yo with advanced SEO software, and a top 10 ranking in google, yahoo, and bing, and other search engines.

    Source: http://subagya.blogspot.com/2011/02/parameter-analisa-kompetisi-seo.html

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