18 Apr 2011


5 Ways To Increase Alexa Rank hiervie Ala-BLOG

  • 18 Apr 2011
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  • 5 Ways To Increase Alexa Rank hiervie Ala-BLOG - Previously I would like to praise and thanksgiving to Allah for His grace until I was given the longevity and health to update my blog post,:) hehehe want to lecture aja kayak.

    This time I want to share the same mate all about how to increase Alexa Rank, but before I apologize as possible in what I am going to the wrong lot. understand still newbie, so I expect to my seniors do not laugh when reading it:)

    Try Buddy clay Alexa rank of this blog. now it is at 900ribuan, whereas about 20 days ago Alexa Rank of this blog is still very low at about 9jutaan. pal can not imagine how peningkatanya.pada time I keep trying to improve my Alexa rank of this blog, after I Gugeling me a lot to get at how to improve my Alexa Rank is then applied one by one this way. consequently end Alexa my blog has continued to improve

    But of the many ways that I find from Gugeling just 5 ways that I apply.
    Here's my friend 5 Ways to increase Alexa rank hiervie ala-BLOG
    1. Many-many are praying that soon falls alexa rank
    2. Install the Alexa toolbar. in browser my friend, this is one of the easiest ways to increase alexa rank
    3. Often Blogwalking. It is an extremely exciting (but also tired after a long time yes, heheheh:) because in addition to greet the other bloggers we also can seek knowledge from your blog that we visit. (My experience: 2 days just do not Blogwalking my Alexa rank went down)
    4. Write articles about Alexa. Yes this is also one effective way to increase Alexa Rank.
    5. Install Alexa Widget in Blog
    That's my friend 5 ways to increase alexa rank hiervie ala-BLOG.
    Hopefully Helpful

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