18 Apr 2011


Factor One Stop Blogging

  • 18 Apr 2011
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  • Factor One Stop Blogging- Write a post every day, blogwalking and search SEO knowledge, that our activities as a blogger. emang correct our seniors said, blogging it was not easy, but not too difficult really, as long as we have the will why not, do not you buddy:)
    What once appeared dipikiran pal to stop blogging because of something? easy-mudaan not so buddy.

    here's some fakor someone stops blogging, I take this reference from a senior bloggers are ABU Furqan , following his opinion:

    "From blogwalking activity, I found a great variety of stories about bloggers who finally decided to retire or leave blogging. A variety of stories, also a variety of reasons for their retreat from the world of blogging. There is a reasonably busy in the offline world does not give a chance for them to busy online. There are also who quit because of not getting what they want out of blogging activities. Yes, many bloggers are hoping to get dollars and dollars from blogging activities. When his hope was declared, some of them backed off from the blog.

    Whatever the motives and reasons for these bloggers retreat from the world of blogging, the main cause is fatigue. Yes, they all have been exhausted blogging and finally chose a break, either permanently or temporarily. Fatigue is what I mean certainly not tired physically, but more toward the mental. If you feel tired physically, live resting, after it fresh again. If mental fatigue, usually the effect is longer. Well, bloggers who choose to quit or leave of absence from the blogging world, has actually suffered a mental fatigue due to blogging activity which he did. "

    How, Is there one factor pal to stop blogging? It all just a friend who can answer.

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