18 Apr 2011


How to Get BackLink with Software AutoBacklink

  • 18 Apr 2011
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  • Bloggers definitely have what it taukan backling. for those who will not let me explain a little bit because I am also still confused with the name of backlinks.

    Backlink is a link that is prepared script containing the address of a website / blog, which were mounted to a particular site, backlinks are also divided into three parts, but because I still do not understand so only two that I will explain.
    • The first is the Backlinks One Way or precisely one-way backlinks. For example where a link is obtained from a website or blog while on our site does not provide a link to a website or blog. Suppose you were to comment on another website or blog, create a signature in forum discussions, backlinks from classified ads for free, and others.
    • and the second is a Backlink Two Way or Two-way backlinks. an example is like a buddy to do now as air or Banner link exchange with other bloggers.
    And Backlink has the function to improve the Pagerank Web / Blog.
    Okay my friend had them know what is backlink! So, now let's plant lots Pagerank baclink can let a lot too, :-)

    Okay buddy back Topic title above was " How to Get Backling With Software Autobackling "Buddy can download them HERE!
    After my friend download and then Buddy extract the file.
    Try my friend clay image below

    Buddy click ADD (see the red mark) and then write the URL of your blog buddies, Example: http://www.hiervie.co.cc .
    kemuadian url of your blog will come out (see blue mark)

    And finally click SUBMIT (yellow sign)

    Wait until the software this sophisticated plant pal link to approximately 150 sites that exist in cyberspace. Ntar buddies make more precise count aja:-D

    If the process is ready and my friend wanted to check whether the link my friend is already embedded and fertilizer :-)
    please pal Open List link provided with this software and type the ULR buddy behind.
    Example: http://whois.domaintools.com/URL Buddy

    Finally finished planting event also dech link, do not forget my friend and comrade beripupuk watered every day let me quickly bear fruit .. :-)

    Yes In the past few Sob about How to Get BackLink with Software AutoBacklink ,
    Hopefully useful and Hail Success

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