18 Apr 2011


How to Register to Alexa Blog

  • 18 Apr 2011
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  • How to Enrol Blog to Alexa - Alexa Rank is one measure of a website / blog other than that provided by Google's PageRank.PageRank (PR) is calculated from the lowest value of 0 to 10 while the Alexa rank is calculated from the highest nilah 25 million to rank 1, which is still held by google. So sobat2 bloggers must register the blog to Alexa.

    Here are the steps =>
    1. Alexa Open website click HERE
    2. Click on the Registry menu, and then complete the data contents pal
    3. when I click on the register. Then open an email pal for malakukan confirmation.
    4. After confirmation, re-click the Edit menu site. Enter data website or blog
    5. Next verify your blog. This verification can be done in 2 ways, but let me explain first just because I consider this the easiest way, by Meta tag.buka new window in your browser pal (Titans not closed yet) go into your account as usual blogger> design> Edit html.
      then locate <head> code (Ctrl + F quick way of writing keyboard <head> press enter) Paste the code earlier meta tags from Alexa after <head>
    6. After that click the Verify button on alexa MY META TAG
    7. Finish deh:-D
    Now your blog has entered the big family members Alexa. hehehe:)
    Hopefully helpful

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