18 Apr 2011


Making Blog More Professional

  • 18 Apr 2011
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  • Blogs are once personal work that might be witnessed by the hundreds to thousands of people every day . Create a blog more interesting of course is also one of the blog owner desires, especially if not more profesional.Ngeblog say it is not easy, it took such effort to learn about CSS and HTML as well even if there is an advance could also include PHP,
    coding coding membingunngkan sometimes make the owners are getting dizzy, all that needs to be studied for a blog that is owned can appear more attractive and make visitors amazed admiration. For my own interesting blog is a blog that is easy to load or open, other than that I'm also more interested if it does not add a blog widget that complicated and often not beneficial for the ordinary pengunjungnya.Widget important that visitors to withdraw to the click is a recent post, recent comments and also the top post, the trio often increase page views from our blogs
    Election blog template is also very necessary that we should not choose the wrong template loading time because the amount of CSS and images contained in it, simply select a template to suit your personality and do not let your blog to make guests angry because very lambat.Saya himself preferred to use templates minimal image for example like minima.

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