18 Apr 2011


This level of traffic MyBlogLog Blog

  • 18 Apr 2011
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  • In this post I want to write about MyBlogLog. MyBlogLog isone of the services provided by Yahoo to the community of bloggers the world, so many bloggers around the world who sign up on MyBlogLog .. Explain again why should ah, my friend would already know right? among buddies also have to register on MyBlogLog.

    But for my friend who have not signed up do not panic because I will explain how to mendafatarkanya.

  • Please open the site http://www.mybloglog.com

  • Fill out the form below has been provided on Sign Up Now

  • Screen name -> Fill in the name you want in the show. Example: Amen24

  • Email -> Fill in the email pal (valid)

  • Passwor -> Fill with the desired password. Example: Ranggalawe

  • Blog / Site URL -> Fill with your blog address. Example: http://rubrik-elektronik.blogspot.com

  • Click the Register button

  • Seen some form to be filled again

  • Blog / Site Title -> Fill in the title of your blog

  • Blog platporm -> select blogspot.com

  • At the bottom there are two radio buttun, please select a buddy love

  • Click the button labeled Complete Registration

  • Click on Go to Your page

  • Click the button labeled Edit profile located on the right upper

  • Fill in all the data yourself my friend (I did not mention satu2 because too much)

  • If completed on the contents of all, click the button marked Update my profile

  • Click tulisam MY HOME to return to home

  • How easy my friend right??

    hopefully useful!

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