17 Apr 2011


Registering Blog to Google search engine

  • 17 Apr 2011
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  • Registering Blog to Google search engine - in this post -BLOG hiervie want to discuss about the blog to google lookups.if talking about google is not foreign to its search engine or bulenya language "search engine", no doubt kuakuratannya.

    in the world of bloggers, google is a role for maningkatkan traffic to the blog , because that bloggers should register their blogs on uncle google:-D.

    here's how to register a blog for lookups by google:

    1. Click http://google.com/addurl
    2. In the box enter the url address of your blog, fill in a description of the blog comment and enter a security code according to the picture.
    now do not worry anymore, because your blog has been included in the machine if you do not believe google just try it please enter your blog name of what was to be found, when it means mate successfully (hooreeee. ...... :-))

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