18 Apr 2011


10 Sites Template Generator Manufacturer

  • 18 Apr 2011
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  • talking about the template, would be confused my friend learn about HTML and CSS code, what we like this as a beginner,, ya would not want to use the default template blog itself or use a template made of the master who many spread on the internet that are free of charge but some are paid.

    Even so, we must not satisfied with the template artificial ingredients "of others, but there is also an attempt to re-edit their templates, but all of it back to us, if clever work especial template yes please, but those of us who still newbie, how do I? ??????

    Buddy do not worry because there is still a way out ... yes,,,, using the template creator Generator we can create a template with our own work,

    Here are 10 Sites Generator template:

    1. CSSEZ (http://cssez.com)
    2. Dotemplate (http://www.dotemplate.com)
    3. Drupal Theme Generator(Http://xlecom.com/?q=node/152)
    4. Eris' Template Generator (http://www.erisfree.com/d2/apart.php)
    5. Firdamatic (http://www.wannabegirl.org/firdamatic)
    6. HTML PHP CSS Website Template Generator (http://www.maketemplate.com)
    7. Psycho (http://psyc.horm.org)
    8. Templatr (http://templatr.cc)
    9. Weebly (http://www.weebly.com)
    10. WordPress Theme Generator (http://www.yvoschaap.com/wpthemegen/)

    Hopefully useful!

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