17 Apr 2011


Reproduce Visits To Blog With BlogClicker

  • 17 Apr 2011
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  • mate would increase his blog traffic? so must you,, ne I want to share with my friend for all, this way proved loh dah pal, pal try Feedjit clay in my blog, nearly half the visitors of this blog comes from Blog Clicker

    BlogClickeris a traffic exchange service provider for blog sites and focused to bring traffic to your blog. You have spent time to make a blog, then let BlogClicker who bring in readers !

    How do I work BlogClicker ? Very simple. You simply click on the blog members of BlogClicker and members that you see will click through your blog. BlogClicker also offers membership upgrades and credit package that will give you up to credit by the ratio of 1:1.5 (you buy 10 credits, you will be able 15 click or visit blog).

    Click Here To List!

    Simply type your name and email only.
    After registration / registration successful, you will get an email username and password, use it and get into your account at BlogClicker . Then click Manage Blog.

    Enter the URL or address or URL of the weblog post you who you want to multiply trafficnya.

    On the right side click the image light to activate the LINK / URL you're ready to get the UPDATE.

    Switch to the BLOG BAR for surfing, by selecting the "Surf Member Blogs" Every time you surf, then you will get a reply CREDIT you can later add it as a visit to your blog.

    Note the timer on the number 8, the timer wait until it says GO, then click the reply numbers provided on the left (rows of color from 1 to 8)

    Click the number corresponding to the number on the grid (squares) white.

    The more you surf, the more credits you earn distinguished. Add credit to your URL link like this:

    What are you waiting! Expand Traffic / visit your blog right now, FREE! Then watch the traffic / increase your blog traffic. If you refer to your friends, then any percentage of any teman2 CREDIT which you earn, you will get 5 times.

    * Instead, if Qta have a few blogs, if setting: Automate Blog Credits is ON, then all credits will be apportioned to all blogs. When OFF, then Qta can set different credit for every blog that Qta registered.
    * Do the surf on a separate Windows Blog Manager with her, then after some time surfing, refresh this was the Blog Manager, spy Qta know how much total traffic last entrant.
    * If you still need an explanation, read the FAQ also his>> Click here ...
    * Okay, kalaw begituw, good luck ... I'll reply begadangan not interchangeable traffic, sdh can sleep well now ... wehehe ...

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